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Website design / Development

How it Works

Step 1.

Discovery Phase

To get started, we will need to outline your requirements, as well as the goals of your website.

Your company has a unique business model that allows you to deliver your products and services to your customers. We want to know what makes you different and learn more about your customers. In doing so, we can better understand your customer journey and create a site that best meets their needs.

Discovery Includes

Market Research

Researching your niche to determine what successful companies are doing, and deliver similar solutions. Understanding the needs of your Customers.

Website Objectives

What are your goals for your website? What functionalities do you want? What sort of services are you offering? Essentially, establishing your expectations of us.

User Experience

Before we start designing your site, we need to understand the branding of your business. We can later implement your branding preferences into the website layout, interactive elements, and navigation flow.

Once we have determined your stylistic preferences, we will determine the best layout for your website.

We want to keep your customers’ journey as easy as possible while maintaining your brand’s identity.

Step 2.

Plan of Action

Once we have decided on the goals for your website, it’s time to devise a plan to meet those targets.

Here at SiteSummit, we will work closely with you to create a plan of action that suits the vision you have for your website. At this stage, we decide on the tools required  for the project, plugins, interactions, and the website structure that will help you deliver the best user experience.

Plan of Action Includes

Website Technology

Your business is unique, and we want to identify the best tools to complete your project to your exact specifications. We will outline:

  • Any necessary plugins
  • If there will be e-commerce functionality
  • The infrastructure for your website
  • Any third-party integrations you will want to be integrated into your website
  • The complexity of features you want to included in your website.
Website Blueprint

Defining the number of pages, what you want included in the navigation, and the final website layout. From this blueprint, you will be able to understand your customer journeys and how they will interact with your website.

Package Recommendations 

Depending on the level of service required, we will determine our package suggestion for your website. We can discuss alternative solutions for you depending on your budget.

Step 3.

Web Design

Putting actions into beautiful and functional designs is our specialty. This stage is one defined by creativity and marketing.

Our design process is completed in multiple phases:

  1. We provide you with a mood-board where we define the brand guidelines for the website – including fonts, colors, icons, illustrations, etc.
  2. We design your Homepage. Here we get your feedback and further improve the design.
  3. We will design any remaining pages. 
  4. We design any interactive / functional elements (header, footer, calls to action, forms, etc.).
  5. We meet for a 2nd revision, where we will get your feedback for the completed website mock-ups; all pages and content.

Web Design Includes

Website Branding

With your website, you will receive personalized branding assets. With the Pro Package, you get the full branding umbrella, and that includes:

  • Logo Design
  • Unique font combinations for your brand
  • Unique icons
  • Custom Graphics
  • Unique interactive elements
Custom Page Design

With our Basic and Pro packages, Each page is custom designed from scratch and made specifically for you.

During our revisions with you, we will ask for your feedback and edit the pages to fit your requirements.

Responsive Design

Regardless of the tier of service you select, all of our websites are optimized for Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop.

We create unique pages for the Mobile design to increase mobile traffic conversions and improve user experiences.

Step 4.

Web Development

Once we have settled on a design and branding choices, it's time to bring your website to life

We have worked on 50+ projects ranging from turning Photoshopped images into websites, fully designing and developing WordPress and Shopify websites, developing e-commerce stores, building landing pages, and much more.

Website Development is our bread and butter.

Web Development Includes

Website Hosting

SiteSummit offers Website Hosting for Professionals and Businesses. All are hosted on the Google Cloud platform for exceptional speed and unmatched support.

Website Security
SiteSummit provides Anti-hack security for your website, along with built-in SSL certification to ensure a safe and secure website.
Email Addresses

Depending on your Website Package, you can get between 2-5+ email addresses with your website. The amount of emails depends on the level of service you have selected.

WordPress Development
WordPress is the most widely used and very reliable website development solution. We use WordPress and Elementor to ensure we can meet any creative needs for your project.

For our WordPress clients, we can integrate Woo Commerce into your store so you can sell products online. Outside of WordPress, we also build E-commerce websites and product pages for our clients on Shopify.

Step 5.

The Handoff

Once the website is complete we will discuss the handoff of the website

We don’t just hand you access without showing you how to navigate your new website successfully. We aim to provide you with all the necessary materials to manage your website successfully.

If you do not want to worry about managing your website yourself and will need assistance in the future, we’ve got you covered. We offer maintenance packages that take all the heavy lifting off your plate. We will manage hosting, security, updates, maintenance, page additions, unlimited revisions, and more.

Handoff Includes

Quality Assurance Testing

Before handing the website over to you, we ensure your website passes our comprehensive QA checklist.

We test:

  • All external and internal links
  • All plugins functionality
  • Effects and animations across multiple devices and browsers.
  • Interactive elements (forms, buttons, navigation menus, etc.)
  • On-page SEO for every page
  • All 3rd Party Plugins (installed Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc.)
  • Ensuring email addresses work properly

We teach you how to maintain your website at a high level. You will learn how to create pages, upload content, and other basic website functions.

If you still have questions afterward and are looking for a website management solution, we have low-cost maintenance packages to cover all of your needs.

Maintenance & Hosting Options

Our Basic and Pro packages have built-in hosting and maintenance for a few months.

After this expires, we offer other maintenance options for your site to continue hosting, add pages, make revisions, or do anything else you may need.

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